Is your computer freezing up or slowing down?

A performance problem may arise due to an assortment of causes, such as adding numerous programs or contracting viruses through e-mails or downloads. If your registry is corrupted or bloated, your computer speed will most certainly be affected.  We troubleshoot your computer for performance problems, including applications at start-up, slow Windows™ start-up or shut-down, and general disruption of system processing. Virus removal may be necessary.

Trust in our expert mobile computer repair services in Naples, Florida, for your virus removal and troubleshooting needs. With years of experience, our computer company, Twice the Geek Half the Price™ Computer Repair Inc, assists you in all aspects of your computer requirements. We are an on-site solution for your home, office, or small business, offering excellent prices, prompt service for emergency virus and spyware removal, basic set-ups, and consultations. We charge a flat rate per hour, no trip charge. The clock does not start till we enter your home. The price does not change depending on the service we provide. There are no hidden charges and we pro rate after the one hour minimum. If we are there for one hour and twenty minutes you only pay for one hour and twenty minutes.  Contact us at (239) 289-8108 for more information about our mobile services.

Decontaminate Your Hard Drive

Improve your computer’s speed and prolong its life with Twice the Geek Half the Price™ Computer Repair. We remove viruses and spyware that use precious system resources and run unwanted programs in the background. Spyware affects every computer, and typically you aren’t even aware of the damage it creates. We consider virus and spyware removal a top priority, and act quickly to arrive at your home or office within a few hours.