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Virus & Spyware removal - On-Site Training - Data Recovery - Apple / Amazon / Google / setup & support

Twice the Geek Half the Price®

Computer Repair Inc.

Local family business serving Southwest Florida since 2005

On-site training is available for all the services listed below

  • Basic Computer / Printer Operation: is something that a lot of people take for granted. Not us. We can provide on-site training in the comfort of your own home. Taking the time to make sure you can digest all the information. Make a short list of the things you would like to learn, and we can help you cross off one at a time. We offer a ½ hr. rate. That assures that you won’t have too much information to retain. We have found that to be very helpful in the learning process.
  • Password Help: We all know how difficult it is to keep all your passwords up to date. There may be some that you are having trouble remembering. I can help you reset all your passwords and get you back into accounts you have been locked out of.
  • Remote Support: The list of benefits in using remote technical support is a long one. Convenience: It’s hard to beat having a technical issue resolved without leaving your home or being asked to schedule an in-home visit. Cost: with removing the need to drive to your location we can offer a $10 hr. reduced rate!
  • iPhone/iPad: They are the most popular handheld devices of our clients. These devices do so much you couldn’t possible list it all. Every day there is a new app or a feature that appears. Perhaps you just want to learn how to adjust setting or to get a better understanding of how to use it. We understand these products in depth and can simplify it for you.
  • Wireless Networking: It is something that is just part of our everyday life. When it doesn’t work it seems like everything just grinds to a halt! We can establish a wireless connection for all your devices. Wireless printing from your computer, tablet, iPad or iPhone is possible with many printers. Is your Printer Offline again? There are some easy fixes that can in most cases be taken care of utilizing our ½ hr. rate. Don’t get frustrated, call and let us reconnect you to the world. In some cases, we can get clients printers working properly without coming to your home. Our Remote Service call is perfect for solving your problem at our reduced rate.
  • Data Backup & Recovery: Not backing up the data on your computer could spell disaster in the event your computer decides it's time to call it quits. Imagine losing all your important files, everything from business files, to family photos, to your tax returns, permanently! Make sure that never happens by having a good data backup plan in place.
  • TV – Unboxing / Setup / Streaming. With the cost on new TV’s becoming so affordable perhaps you just purchased one. We can come to your home and unbox and set it up for you. Connecting it to your cable box and connecting it to your Netflix, Amazon or preferred streaming account. If you don’t have a subscription, we can assist you in setting it up and utilizing the great options for web-based TV. For those of you with stereo systems we can help in integrating that with your equipment as well. Maybe you want to go the other way and take advantage of Free Network TV. Remember in the old days you could just use your antenna and didn’t have to pay for a Cable Box! Breakthroughs in technology have given us digital antennas. We see a lot of clients keep a couple of cable boxes in the rooms they use often like the living room and the bedroom. Then in the other rooms like the guest bedroom or lanai and even garage, we set up an antenna for Free TV. Why pay for a cable box for rooms you hardly ever use?
  • Microsoft products: Word, Excel, Publisher as well as Outlook. Do you use Microsoft Outlook on your computer and an Apple iPhone? If you are having problems syncing your contacts and calendar between the two? We can help with that as well. One Drive Cloud storage is a great option to back up all your data.
  • Adobe products: Photoshop, Light room and Illustrator are the most widely used of the adobe platform. We can help you understand the basics of utilizing these comprehensive software products.
  • Google products: Google home speakers, Google Wi-Fi, Gmail, Chrome, Chromecast, YouTube, there are a lot of Google Products! We understand how they work and can help you implement them into your daily life.
  • Amazon products: Set up Alexa, help with Firestick, setting up Amazon Prime on TV. Amazon is another company that is heavily integrated into our lives, shopping or streaming or talking to Alexa. Let us make that partnership seamless for you.
  • Netflix, Hulu streaming support: With the popularity of Streaming services I’m sure you have at least been curious. We can set you up on any account you have or Bluetooth Connectivity: Speakers like Alexa and Google Home are becoming very popular. Getting one or more set up and synced to your account properly can be confusing. Let us simplify the process for you. We can not only set up all your products we can teach you how to use it and corresponding remote. There is a good chance that you can put all those remotes in a draw and set up a single remote to control all your equipment. Wouldn’t that be nice? We can also help connecting your mobile phone to your cars audio system. Help you get that account set up.
  • WI-FI Home Security System: Ring/Nest – Security Cameras, we can assist you in the purchase to suit your requirements.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: We can connect your cell phone to your cars Bluetooth and that will give you the ability to talk and answer calls hands free. Also, Smart light bulb and Nest Thermostats can be set up to help you enjoy the ease of voice activated devices.

On-Site Training

In addition to Computer repair and Virus removal we also provide On-Site training. Learn to navigate your computer iPhone/.iPad or Tablet with our assistance. We offer lessons in the comfort of your own home that allow you to learn at your own pace. Let us teach you how to print wireless from every device you own. Have people been asking you for years to scan a document and stop faxing! It is actually very simple when you can learn in your own home with your own devices. If you have Microsoft Word on your computer you can create professional looking birthday cards, real estate listing flyers, resumes and any other design you could ever want. For more comprehensive projects that require a more powerful design program Microsoft Publisher can meet all your expectations. You will be surprised how simple it is to create multiple page advertisements bulletins or brochures.( Example of band brochure and real estate) . Become an expert with your digital camera/video recorder, including editing photos in programs like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom can also get a helping hand in navigating both programs. We also provide assistance with Excel and PowerPoint. On-Site services for Naples, Marco Island, Golden Gate Estates, Ave Maria and Bonita Springs Florida.

  • Real estate photography services: We offer partnership packages for real estate agents, commercial developers, property managers, and architectural companies looking to capture the best of their properties or developments, but don’t want to pay the outrageous amounts some real estate photographers charge. We can provide you with a quality image for your real estate property in a timely manner and most importantly within your budget.